Emerson Street Partners helps entrepreneurs launch new technology companies through a unique combination of angel investing, operational involvement in the business (i.e. we roll up our sleeves) and access to a vast network of resources. We work closely with the founding team to help them achieve their initial business milestones — enabling them to successfully and efficiently raise additional capital through other angel investors or more traditional VC channels.

Our “sweet spot” is working on new ideas that leverage our years of experience in successfully bringing software (including Software as a Service) products to market that address the needs of business and government organizations. We also work on consumer – focused web projects if we think that we can add sufficient value. If not, we’re always happy to pass interesting ideas along to our friends that are primarily focused on investing in that market category.

Within our sweet spot, we are actively seeking projects in the following three areas:
      • Web 2.0 meets the Enterprise
      • Enabling and managing next generation Data Centers
      • Monetizing open source projects (which of course can overlap with both #1 and #2).

We have close working relationships with key service providers that are needed when launching and growing a company (some are listed on our web site). We pride ourselves on having broad access to the dominant vendors in the major technology market segments to enable go-to-market partnering as well as product strategy insights.

We are looking for resourceful and dedicated founding teams that share our philosophy of extreme capital efficiency. Our investments are typically in the $25,000 to $50,000 range and are often the first external cash injected into a new start-up. As investors, we like to focus on companies with capital requirements of less than $3,000,000 prior to cash flow positive. From time to time we will make a passive investment, and from time to time we will also become advisors (in exchange for equity) to a firm where we’re not investors.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your new business opportunity.

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